Thongs and G-string

 source : hiwtc

Thongs are panties that only cover the front of Miss V, widening hips section, so let your buttocks open and looked intact. Viewed from the front, usually resembles a bikini bottom, but on the back of the material is reduced to a minimum. Made of easy stretch. G-String is one type of thong, thinnest panties compared all the models of panties. The back was only the shape of a rope. Thong and G-strings come in different styles depending on the thickness, material, or type rear. Choose black, and make your man curious and could not wait to see what lies behind it.

There are two types of thong and G-string models namely the Full and Low-Rise. Full-Rise model has a height up to waist. Unlike the Low-Rise that just arrived in the pelvis. Low-Rise cut is very suitable when you wear a kind of hipster pants or skirts that are not visible when you're squatting or bending. Maybe you've seen other girls who like to show off her panties, they think it is sexy. If you are one of them then the Full-Rise could be your choice.

Although commonly used by women, but now it has started a lot of lingerie made for men. The normal association of the difference between a thong and G string is the width of the back section that passes between the wearer's buttocks, the string being more string like and narrower. This lingerie can also be used for swimming or daily activities. This sexy lingerie is perfect worn with any outfit, especially a dress or pants that are tight. Because they can camouflage panty line that wraps your tight buttocks. To force a bit naughty and teasing, can be combined with a very thin miniskirt or somewhat translucent.